Q: How to obtain a trascript of past tax information?
There are two easy options for obtaining free copies of your tax return information - tax return transcripts(TRT) and tax account transcripts(TAT). A TRT shows most line items from your original tax return including any accompanying forms and schedules. It does not reflect any changes made after the return was filed. A TAT shows any later adjustments. But this shows only basic data including AGI and taxable income. To request transcripts, call 800-829-1040 or complete and mail IRS Form 4506T. You should receive TRT within 2 weeks. Allow 30 days for TAT.

If you need an actual copy of a tax return, it will cost $57 per tax year. Complete and mail Form 4506 to IRS. Copies are avaiable for the current year as well as the past 6 years. Allow 60 days for actual copies of your return.

01/26/2010 09:53:45

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